Published Art Criticism

2013, April
"Artist Next Door – John Arabolos," by Hank Hoffman, Art & Science Edition, Arts Council of Greater New Haven                                  

2012, Winter
"Designer Turns Chaos into Art," by Dave Cranshaw, College of Arts and Sciences, University of New Haven, University of New Haven Alumni Magazine

2011, Fall
"Art and Science Collaborate To Create 'Ecological Symmetries'," by Daniel Drew and Lawrence Gall, Yale Environmental News, Yale Peabody Museum of Natural History, Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies and Yale Institute for Biospheric Studies

2005, August - September
"John Arabolos: The Fabric of Life," by Lisa Paul Streitfeld, Art New England

2004, January
"Structural Integrity - Structures: Natural Imperfection Intersects with Elegant Geometry at the Slade Ely House," by Judy Birke, Arts Section, New Haven Register

2003, September - October
"John Arabolos Unearths Nature's Underlying Symmetries," by Laurel Foster, Gallery & Studio

2001, September
"Nature by Design: Photographs of Randomness Ordered," by Judy Birke, Arts Section, New Haven Register